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Inter-modal Container Ltd. sells different types of shipping containers depending on your needs. Our published inventory has 100% guaranteed availability so you never have to worry about a shortage.

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The traditional ways of getting a container take too much time and not enough efficiency.Inter-modal Container Ltd is a digital retailer for shipping containers. We’re focused on making this transaction for you as painless (and transparent) as possible. You can order your container(s) online in only a few minutes. At Eveon, our goal is to offer our customers containers at the best price online.

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Inter-modal Container Ltd was created to provide greater transparency and digital efficiency in a conservative mostly analog market in which an open price quote isn’t common. We make ordering a container as easy as ordering shoes online. This means you don’t have to wait long for an offer and you don’t pay more than you should.

Ordering shipping containers online

Simply select your desired shipping container(s) and enter the ZIP code of your delivery address and desired delivery date. The entire process is fully digital. Exciting, isn’t it? Our team is happy to assist you on business days if you need any help. Support is offered by email, chat or phone through our customer service.

Make sure to have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions for more detailed information. Our decades of experience have taught us that our customers often have the same questions about this new container ordering process. Can’t find the answer to your question? Our customer service team would be happy to answer all your questions.

How does the order process work?

After you’ve added the shipping container(s) to your shopping cart and entered an address, we will automatically calculate the delivery costs.  

Buy Shipping Containers online 2023

We will always make sure that we deliver your container(s) from the depot nearest your location. This not only saves you money, but also avoids unnecessary miles, cutting down on carbon emissions that occur from unnecessary transportation.

You can pick up your container as soon as the following business day from the depot location most convenient to you. If you opt for delivery, the container will be delivered by crane, truck or side loader within a short delivery window after the order has been placed.

New & Used Storage and Shipping Containers

You can select your preferred delivery window* before you proceed to the Payment page.

New and used shipping containers

At Inter-modal Container Ltd, you can order new and used shipping containers based on ISO standards. This means you can use your containers for storage at any time without worrying if they’re up to code.

New Used Storage and Shipping Containers 2024

All containers have the following specifications:

●       ISO certification

●       Wind and water tight

●       Windproof and waterproof

●       Wooden floor

●       Lockbox (new containers only)

  • Buy 10 foot Shipping Containers online 2023 10ft. Containers our 10-foot metal shipping containers are the most compact of our shipping container options. Our 10-foot shipping containers are ideal for when space is tight, flexibility is in order, and durability is essential. our 10-foot containers are especially useful in confined or constrained urban locations. Buy 20ft Shipping Containers online 2023 20ft. Containers our 20-foot steel shipping containers are ideally suited for storage and for myriad other applications including office space or warehousing. Our 20-foot shipping containers can be loaded with high-density product, such as scrap metal or dried grains, and still remain within weight limits for portable storage or shipping. we offers 20-foot shipping containers in a variety of models, new and used: standard (dry), high-cube, double-door, insulated, refrigerated, open-top, and collapsible-end flat rack. Buy 40ft Shipping Containers online 2024 40ft. Containers Nothing fits the bill better than 40-foot shipping containers when the job calls for capacity. our spacious 40-foot shipping containers suit numerous needs including the storage of raw materials, excess inventory, equipment, and machinery. weoffers a large array of 40-foot shipping container types, new and used: standard (dry), high-cube, double-door, high-cube double-door, insulated, refrigerated, high-cube refrigerated, open-top, and collapsible-end flat rack.20ft shipping container for sale 2024 High-Cube Containers High-cube shipping containers are the ideal solution for the storage or shipping of materials requiring increased cubic capacity. In contrast to our standard 8-foot-6-inch container height, high-cube shipping containers are 9 feet 6 inches tall. There’s more space to stack stored material higher and to hold lightweight, bulky cargo. The extra room in high-cube containers makes them versatile for both portable storage and intermodal transportation. High-cubes are popular for commercial, industrial, and municipal uses, plus an endless array of other applications.
  • where to buy shipping container 2024 Double-Door Containers we offers steel double-door shipping containers featuring doors at both the front and back of the unit. Double doors provide easy access to store, retrieve, and sort goods or materials. With the addition of a partition, double-door shipping containers can be modified to create separate spaces for storage or container offices or to set up a pair of retail kiosks. flat rack shipping container for sale Flat Rack Containers Interport’s flat rack shipping containers are versatile and the answer to many specialized shipping challenges. Our flat rack shipping containers have a strong steel platform and collapsible ends. There are no side walls, which makes the flat rack containers ideal for transporting over-sized loads, vehicles, and machinery.
  • Loading is done from the top or sides. Flat rack shipping containers are also popular for agriculture storage solutions such as transporting and storing grains, feeds, and wood. Farms and construction sites frequently use flat racks as temporary bridges to span ditches and creeks. When not in use, the collapsible ends fold down on top of the platform making flat racks easy to stack and storeused shipping container for sale 2024 Insulated Containers our insulated steel shipping containers, technically non-working refrigerated containers, are airtight and fully insulated on all sides. Buy open to Shipping Containers online 2024 Open-Top Containers our open-top steel shipping containers provide flexibility for loading and storage. Open-top ISO containers can be loaded and unloaded from the top by crane when items are too bulky or too tall to fit in a standard or high-cube container. The roof bows and tarpaulins on our open-top shipping containers are completely removable allowing for as much height as you need. Secure eyelet and grommet fasteners and solid cord TIR cables provide a tight security seal for shipment. Our open-top shipping containers offer the most convenience for holding machinery, engine parts, grains, recyclables, or any other hard-to-load product. Buy used refrigerated  Shipping Containers online 2024 Refrigerated Containers our refrigerated shipping containers (called “reefers”) keep perishables and other goods cold and moisture-free. Reefers can either be used as coolers or freezers. Their quiet operation makes them a convenient cold-storage option for work sites as well as public venues. Our refrigerated shipping containers are ideal for storing meats, dairy, produce, flowers, bait and tackle, and more. The airtight steel construction safely protects contents from mold and condensation. Refrigerated Containers for sale 2023 Standard (Dry) Containers Standard shipping containers (also known as dry shipping containers or dry van shipping containers) are the most common type of shipping container. The terms dry and dry van refer to the shipping in containers of cargo other than liquid carried in bulk. we offers dry shipping containers in 10-foot, 20-foot, 40-foot, and high-cube sizes. All of our new and used standard shipping containers are weatherproof and watertight and made of corrosion-resistant Corten steel, and they come with treated plywood floors, side vents, and securely closing swing doors.