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Containerized Farm Contract Manufacturing for Freight Farms

Move Farms, Not Food

Bring vertical farming to your corner of the world and join our global network of Freight Farmers changing the food system for the better.

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Recycled Shipping Containers Serve an Ecofriendly Purpose

The ultimate precision growing platform is here.

Freight Farms’ flagship product, the Greenery, is a vertical hydroponic farm built entirely inside a shipping container. Experience unprecedented environmental control and exceptional ease-of-use to unlock your growing potential. The Greenery gives you complete control of the elements with five specialized systems that make it possible to grow food 365 days a year.


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Buy 2020 Freight Farms Greenery Online

2020.5 Freight Farms Greenery For Sale

Hydroponic Shipping Container Farms

Purpose At Work: Freight Farms, A Boston Startup Growing Global Solutions To Food Insecurity And Injustice

‘We’ First, focusing on rooftop hydroponic greenhouses. What that really meant was a focus on parts of the country that couldn’t support traditional farming methods.


2020 shone a new light on the need for container farming

Your farm journey starts now.

Take the first step to becoming a Freight Farmer with a custom quote and ROI projection. Plus explore all our resources to help you get started quickly.

A Freight Farm installation in Boston. Credit: Freight ...

Client Services

Become a farming expert with the help of our Client Services team.

Our goal is your success. Aside from technical support, we also offer on-boarding, training, continued education, and a community platform to ensure you are not just working with Freight Farms, but that you are becoming a Freight Farmer. 

Freight Farms, is the world’s leading manufacturer of container farming technology. working as it does to empower anyone to grow food for their own community.

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Freight Farms Takes Container Growing to the Next Level

Those communities Freight Farms has reached span all 50 states in the US, as well as 32 other countries. To date, about 420 of its prefabricated steel farms span the globe, owned and operated by 750 growers the company trained, all connected through its proprietary vertical farming software, farmhand. That worldwide community of farmers are together addressing global problems of food insecurity, suboptimal nutrition, and unsustainable extractive agriculture.


Farm smart with IoT farm management
and automation

Stay in control of your farming operation with our proprietary IoT farm management software, farmhand. Use farmhand to automatically optimize all growing variables based on the desired crop, and create the perfect environment no matter where you are in the world.

Container Farms For Sale – New and Used Container Farms

With Our global infrastructure, We First, the company aim to expand our efforts to revolutionize local access to food for a more sustainable future. Not only in terms of the environment, but by increasing local community resilience and security.

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“Together,” With our team and network of farmers we hope to build a future-facing and inclusive world.

Containerized Farm Contract Manufacturing for Freight Farms

The Freight Farms model and those like it are solving multiple interconnected challenges. For example, the number of food deserts in the US, Long Beach Offcoast Port explains, translates not only to inequitable nutrition but to an environmental challenge, too. Members of “communities that just do not have access to fresh, nutritious food, have to certainly move a considerable number of miles to find a grocery store.

And that’s shocking enough. And then secondly, the amount of food that’s moved across the US  is also staggering and environmentally unsustainable, he says. “What you’re eating is moved an average of 1,500 miles,” for example from California to where you’ve actually purchased the product … the amount of waste is so embarrassing for me and my generation.

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Container Farms For Sale – Shipping Container Grow Rooms

We challenges those of us who come from a food-privileged socioeconomic stratum, to look in our fridge and see a small microcosm of [how] we take food for granted, and we massively over-consume in the Western world.


All in Container Farm

  2016 Freight Farms Leafy Green Machine

 Freight Farms Leafy Green Machine

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Meet hundreds of Freight Farmers from all over the world

The Freight Farms platform has empowered hundreds of individuals, businesses, and organizations to start farming. Together, they have created a worldwide community of farmers addressing global issues of food insecurity, nutrition, and sustainability.

(FL4) 2016 Freight Farms Leafy Green Machine - Florida

The problem is different — scarcity and not overabundance — in other parts of the world. “Globally,”  think islands, think Caribbean, Cyprus, Tasmania — places where they don’t have food security. They are completely dependent on importing food. The Bahamas alone, he says, imports a billion dollars worth of food a year. So as soon as there’s a chink in the supply chain … there’s so much volatility and risk within it — they have no security.

But even in the relatively well-off US, Long Beach Offcoast Port reveals, The average grocery market …has only three days of food in it. And when there’s a run on Walmart” — such as in the early days of the pandemic — we all learned, “it’s only three hours.

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Shipping Container Hydroponics

For these reasons — though Long Beach Offcoast Port prefers to avoid “adspeak” — It’s so important that we’re able to move the farm, not the food. That’s the key. If you can move a farm that creates a local point of production, then you can give an area food security.

But how, exactly, do you move the needle by moving the farm?

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The big a-ha moment, according to Long Beach Offcoast Port, “in democratizing access” was to make farms more “modular and scalable … So, ‘What if we put our farms in freight containers?’” Long Beach Offcoast Port says the founders asked themselves. That provided a modular … solution where we could control the environment within the container, completely seal it — and we could move it anywhere.

Around the time of the company’s infancy a decade ago, shipping containers were already top of mind for some of the most visionary companies and designers, the portable assemblage of two dozen 40-feet long and 11-ton reinforced, corrugated steel shipping containers stacked like Lego into a multilevel retail pavilion, bar, and event space.

Container Farms For Sale – Shipping Container Grow Rooms

And in London the world’s first pop-up mall, made entirely of shipping containers, debuted — there are three Boxpark locations now spread across the city’s boroughs. Starting in the early 2000s, shipping containers had already become more versatile and visible around the world. They took the form of pop-up shops, restaurants, food “trucks,” office, and retail spaces. The Dordoy Bazaar outside Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, for example, features about 7,000 double-stacked containers, workplaces to 20,000 vendors and their staff.

But using containers for high-yield, low-water, portable, variable farming — that would have the ancillary benefit of cutting agriculture production and management costs, uncomplicating logistics, expanding reach, and decreasing obstacles to wider uptake. So, the company began retrofitting with its new technology widely available, perfectly-sized, shippable-anywhere freight containers. Such a radical shift in farming might someday be seen as revolutionary and influential as, say, the invention of the cotton gin.

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This farm in a box generates $15,000 a month

Demand — a function of both the worsening of the environment, food justice, and the economy, as well as the company’s excellent storytelling and support — started slow, but soon soared. Of late, Freight Farms, though still relatively small, has doubled its unit sales year after year, the company reports.

Why? Modularity equals accessibility. In the frozen tundra of Canada and Alaska — you get a farm! In the scorching, windswept deserts of the Middle East — you get a farm! Blighted, smoggy urban wilds? — you, too, get your very own farm!

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What kind of farm? The tenth iteration of Freight Farm’s core product, the Greenery S, is a modified new international, intermodal freight container with 320-square feet of soilless, hydroponic growing space. It’s able to produce between 300 and 500 varieties of crops — lettuces, leafy greens, herbs, some root vegetables, edible flowers, and brassicas (cabbage, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, turnip, and mustard), etc. — in a closed-loop system consisting of four rows of panels on flexible moving racks. Equivalent to about two acres of traditional farmland, Woolard says, the container can support 8,000+ living plants at any given moment.

Freight Farms Takes Container Growing to the Next Level

And from it, every Freight Farmer, despite their wildly differing origins, are all gaining the power of growing food for their own communities, all massively shortening the distance that food travels from farm to table. Best of all, container farms can be the source of high-quality and sustainable produce, 365 days a year.

The green thumb of the IoT

But surely this product doesn’t allow for a “plant it — and walk away until it’s ripe” method? You can bet the farm, it doesn’t.

Not to say the operator needs an advanced Ag degree or decades (literally) in the field. This is critical, anybody can do it; you don’t even have to be a farmer to start your business. It takes Freight Farmers an average two to three months under the tutelage of the company’s academy program — a kind of “farm school” — which provides on-boarding, training, continued education, and a community hub — as well as 24/7 support to help farmers speed the plow.

The basis of the company’s more-or-less turnkey platform is the optional IoT technology, its farm management software, farmhand. The system automates most of the process, helping farmers stay in control of their farming operation with help monitoring the farm and driving efficiency — and therefore yield — in real-time. Farmhand automatically optimizes all essential pillars of the farm, all the main growing variables — air, light, water, space, and control — based on the desired crop, and creates the perfect environment no matter where the farms are in the world — no matter what’s happening outside the container.

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