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Buy 250 Gallon Propane Tanks Online

Owning your own propane tank has several advantages, the greatest being the freedom to shop around for the best propane prices and services.

Beyond that, you can finally leave fixed pricing, annual fees, and poor customer service behind.

Just make sure to have the tank installed in a safe way that follows all codes and regulations.

Intermodal Container Ltd  Services gives you peace of mind knowing that your propane tank and connections are installed safely, properly, and with quality workmanship.

We offer our 250-gallon propane tanks (plus more!) for sale


Tank Information

Not sure what size tank you need? There are many factors that help to determine the correct size tank for your needs, such as how many BTU you are using, the square footage of your house, quality of the insulation, and number of appliances that use propane, just to name a few.

When you become a customer of U.P. Propane, we provide you with one of our tanks at no charge. We will come to your residence and install our tank at no cost to you. If you’d rather, we also sell new and refurbished tanks in all of the sizes here. If you’d prefer to own your own tank, we’d be happy to sell you one.

20# Tanks

20# Grill TanksAh, what would summer be without cooking on the grill? Whether it’s for your grill, your deer blind, your ice shack, or anything else, we’ll fill your tank on the spot, no waiting!.

We also have 20# tank exchange centers around the community where you can exchange your empty tank for a full one. If you are a local business that is interested in having an exchange at your location, give us a call and we’ll see what we can do for you.


100# Cylinders

100# Cylinders are most common for temporary usage situations, especially at hunting camps. These cylinders come equipped with an automatic switch over regulator. This means that when one tank is empty, it automatically switches to the other tank, and an indicator tells you that the tank is empty and needs replacing. Cylinders can be exchanged or filled at our office, or they can delivered to your desired location.

125 Gallon Bulk Tank

125 Gallon Tanks are most commonly used for smaller appliances, for example, dryers, cookstoves, water heaters, etc. The smallest of the bulk tanks, this tank can sit right against your house or camp.

250 Gallon Bulk Tank

250 gallon bulk tankThe 250 Gallon tank is the most popular for camps and cottages that are used part-time, or for residents that use propane for a backup, and not for a primary heating source. Installation requirements include being at least 10′ away from any building. Please keep in mind our hoses used to fill your tank from our truck are 75-100′ long, and we must be able to see the tank from the truck when filling.

330 Gallon Bulk Tank

This tank is not much different than the 250 Gallon tank above. It has the same general uses and the same installation requirements, it’s just a little bigger for customers who will be using a little more gas.

500 Gallon Bulk Tank

500 gallon bulk tankThis size tank is the most popular for all of our residential home-heating customers. Any home that uses propane as a primary heat source will probably need a 500 gallon tank. Installation requirements include being at least 10′ away from any building. Also, please keep in mind that our hoses used to fill your tank from our truck are 75-100′ long, and we must be able to see the tank from the truck when filling.

1000 Gallon Bulk Tank

This tank is for high-end users. This includes large houses, houses with heated pools, restaurants, resale outlets, etc. Installation requirements include being at least 25′ from any important building.

Why Is It Important to Pick the Right Size Propane Tank?

This guide is devoted to helping you pick the right size propane tank. However, you may be wondering: why is it so important that I pick the right size?

The right size propane tank can help you save on your energy bills by controlling how often you need to fill it up.

While buying a tank that is too big isn’t too much of a disadvantage, buying a tank that is too small will affect your budget because you will need deliveries more often. Also, since you’re buying a smaller quantity of propane, the cost might be slightly higher.

Propane Tank Sizes . Buy 250 Gallon Propane Tanks Online best deals

250 Gallon Propane Tank

Dimensions: 7’10” long and 30″ in diameterUses Supplemental heating or 2 home appliances including water heaters, generators, and pool heaters.A 250-gallon propane tank holds 200 gallons of propane when full.

120 Gallon Propane Tank

Dimensions: 4’6″ in height and 30″ in diameterUses: Commercial uses include dry cleaning, temporary heating, commercial cooking, and heating smaller spaces.A 120-gallon propane tank is also commonly referred to as a 420 lb propane tank. 120-gallon propane tanks hold 96 gallons of propane when full.

57 Gallon Propane Tank

Dimensions: 43″ in height and 24″ in diameterUses Residential businesses that need to run only 1-2 small home appliances such as a cooktop or clothes dryer.A 57-gallon propane tank is also referred to as a 200-lb propane tank. When filled to capacity a 200 lb propane tank holds 46 gallons of propane.

100 lb Propane Tank

Dimensions: 4′ in height and 1’6″ in diameterUses: Commonly used for commercial use and by contractors for a single appliance such as a cooktop or for temporary heating at job sites.A 100-pound propane tank holds approximately 23 gallons of propane when full.

33 lb Propane Tank

Dimensions: 2′ in height and 1′ in diameterUses: Propane ForkliftsA 33 lb propane tank holds about 7.8 gallons of propane.

20 lb Propane Tank

Dimensions: 1′ 6″ in height and 1′ in diameter.

Before you can figure out what size tank you need, it’s important to know what sizes are available. Use our guide to figure out exactly which one of these you should buy for your particular home needs.

20 Pound Tanks

One of the most common residential propane tanks is the 20 lb. tank, which is the size of the tank you hook up to your propane gas grill or for other modest residential energy needs, like a fireplace.

20 lb. tanks are not used for home heating or anything else that a large scale, but the benefit is that you can purchase several tanks to have on hand for backup, and you can have them refilled at any propane retailer.

33 Pound Tanks

33 lb. propane tanks are relatively specialized. They are used almost exclusively to power certain vehicles, including forklifts, although they can fuel any vehicle that relies on autogas.

Because of the focus on powering vehicles, a 33 lb. propane tank may not be the best choice for most residential homes. However, people with farms or large tracts of land where you might need to use specialized vehicles may find such tanks very useful.

100 Pound Tanks

100 lb. tanks are a good choice if you have smaller appliances or heating devices that use propane. For instance, many people rely on 100 lb. propane tanks to power their gas cooking ranges, as well as their indoor fireplaces.

These tanks are obviously much larger than the 20 or 33 lb. tanks, but they are still small enough to be relatively portable.

Remember, the more items in your home that are fueled by propane, the more likely it is you will need a larger propane tank. Keep in mind that the bigger the tank, the stricter the local safety and installation regulations may be. You will want to keep tanks of this size at least three feet away from your house.

420 Pound or 100 Gallon Tanks

420 lb. tanks are large enough to be used for a variety of commercial purposes. However, these tanks can have many residential uses as well.

They work well as a heating solution for your home, for instance. They can also power emergency generators and are a great way to heat a swimming pool if you have one. If you intend to use your fireplace a lot, these tanks are also suitable for that purpose.

Just so you know, some homeowners and professionals refer to 420 lb. tanks as “100-gallon tanks” because that is how many gallons this size tank can hold.

500-Gallon Tanks

The 500-gallon tank is the most common size propane tank for residential propane use. It is often used for home heating, generator powering, cooking, pool heating, and more.

The primary benefit of this larger tank is that you can go that much longer without having to get it refilled. And when you are buying more gallons of propane, you can often get a slightly lower price rate for buying in bulk.

Typically, a home needs to be at least 2,500 square feet, and using propane for multiple appliances for a 500-gallon tank is the best choice. You can also choose above-ground or below-ground tank installation for 500-gallon tanks.

1,000-Gallon Tanks

Long story short about the 1,000-gallon tank? It does everything that the 500-gallon tank does, but it is twice as big.

That means this tank is also suitable for heating homes and pools and for powering generators. However, because this tank is so large, you should not buy it unless your home is at least 4,500 square feet.

1,000-gallon tanks are also popular for agricultural uses.

2000 Gallon propane Tanks

Dimensions: 46.77″ OD x 23′ 9″ OAL
Capacity: 2000 Gallons
Year Model: 2021
Manufacturer: Arcosa Tank
Metsa 250 gal

Aboveground ASME Tanks

Capacities available: 250WG, 500WG, 1000WG

  • Fabricated to the latest A.S.M.E. Code, Section VIII, Division 1
  • Registered with the National Board
  • Registered with CRN (Canadian Registration Number)
  • Durable powder coat finish
  • Powder Coating is a green alternative to conventional painting that
    creates almost no VOC emissions and emits very little waste
  • #72 liquid level outage valve orifice reduces refueling emissions
  • Vacuum pre-purged to save time, money, and product

You’re Probably Not Going To Find Any 250 GALLON Propane Tanks For Sale in any other place than Intermodal Container LTD

Leasing A Tank Is Your Best Option

It’s very rare to find a propane tank for sale. Why?

  • There is a national shortage of propane tanks
  • When you own your tank, you’re nobody’s customer (and nobody’s priority)
  • Propane tanks need to be routinely inspected and safety certified

You may want to buy and own your own propane tank so you can shop around and get propane from whoever you want. You may want to own your own tank so you can avoid additional fees charged by some propane companies.

This could get you a short-term deal, but what happens when the power goes out for six days, and suddenly EVERYONE needs propane? Customers who lease tanks from their provider will be on the top of the priority list.

Get the best deal on propane AND be our priority by leasing a tank from Oregon Propane.

Rest easy knowing we don’t charge any hidden fees! What you see is what you get. Best deals Buy 250 Gallon Propane Tanks Online

Lease-to-own propane tank

Intermodal Container Ltd rents and leases propane tanks! WE DO NOT DIRECTLY SELL TANKS. If you’re just getting your first propane tank, or adding to an existing supply, we’ve got you covered with the highest quality Buy 250 Gallon Propane Tanks Online for lease.

If you have any questions, our experts are here to help. Call us and talk with a real human about your propane needs. Or, take a look at the FAQ below which covers common tank-buying questions folks have.

Propane Tank Purchase FAQ Buy 250 Gallon Propane Tanks Online

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