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Spherical Tanks

ASME 2500 cubic meters 1250 tons LPG propane liquefied petroleum gas storage sphere spherical tanks

Thermal insulation solutions for spherical storage tanks operating at above or below ambient temperatures. Our systems limit heat transfer and fire risks and provide moisture and corrosion resistance so that process control is assured and energy costs are kept at a minimum.

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Buy Spherical Storage Tanks Online

Buy Spherical Tanks Online

Spherical Tanks


LNG Spherical Storage Tank Model | Oil & Gas Maintenance Training Aid

Spheres are typically used to store below ambient temperature liquids and pressurized gases such as ammonia, propylene, LPG, butadiene, etc. Most (or many) spheres operate at low temperatures with -50°C (-58°F) as a lower limit. Gases are stored under pressure at a temperature lower than their liquefaction temperature.

Forms of Tanks

The usage and content of the storage tanks determine the form of tank necessary.

Spherical Reservoir Tanks – Such storage tanks are used primarily to hold strong-pressure liquids. The curved form is quite strong for the spherical tanks. The even application of pressures both externally and internally on the surfaces of the globe means there’re no vulnerabilities. However, spheres are more expensive to produce than cylindrical containers.  The drawback of the triangular holding reservoirs is that the space per cubic meter is less than any type.

LNG Spherical Storage Tank Model

Model: 295-201


 Worldwide’s LNG Spherical Storage Tank Model (295-201) is a to-scale model of a high-pressure, spherical liquefied natural gas (LNG) storage tank. This type of LNG storage tank is commonly used in the oil & gas industry and refining industries.

That means the amount of heat converted to the fluid in the sphere from either the warmer environments.

Insulated storage spheres

The main advantage of the spherical construction is that the stress concentration in a spherical shape will be minimal while storing pressurized gases as the stress resistance will be uniform over the total surface. Another advantage is the reduced exterior surface for a given storage volume as compared to all other possible shapes.

Because of the cold storage temperatures and the often, high ambient temperatures and humidity outside the sphere, it is a key requirement to have a well-designed and installed thermal insulation system in place to keep the temperature inside the sphere consistent.

Why Are Spherical Storage Tanks Prevalent in Oil & Gas Facilities?

Buy Spherical Storage Tanks

Many oil and gas producers prefer spherical tanks to store high-pressure fluids over other simpler tank designs. Why is this? Here are a few of the reasons.

Spherical Storage Tanks Are Stronger

Other types of storage tanks commonly found in the oil and gas production industries such as the common fixed roof tank and the external floating roof tank, use many parts that need to either be bolted or welded together. For high-pressure storage, these bolted or welded seams are weak points where the pressure may compromise the tank’s integrity over time. This high pressure also causes stress on these tanks’ surfaces unequally, contributing to faster wear and tear within the tank itself.

Spherical Storage Tanks

Spherical storage tanks have fewer separate parts, so they have fewer seams or welded connection points which make them stronger. The spherical shape distributes the stresses created by the high pressure evenly which also improves the strength of the tank.

Spherical Tanks Have Less Surface Area

The pressure inside of a storage tank is related to the temperature of the liquid in the tank. The temperature outside of the tank dramatically influences the temperature inside the tank. Because spherical storage tanks have less surface area than other storage tanks, the outside temperature’s influence has less of an effect on spherical storage tanks than it does on the fixed roof and floating roof tanks.

Spherical Tanks Resist Corrosion Better

Because of the shape of fixed roofs and floating roof storage tanks, snow and rain can accumulate on the roof. Prolonged contact with snow, and rain can accelerate corrosion on the roof of the tank. The rain and snow tend to roll off of spherical tanks a lot faster, reducing the amount of time they are in contact with them, and reducing possible opportunities for corrosion.

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Dimensional stability and compatibility with substrate expansion/contraction.

As the sphere is placed in service and is cooled to operating temperature, the sphere surface contracts and the sphere diameter reduces.   The insulation system must be designed to accommodate this dimensional change.

Spherical Storage Tank Designs Are Better for Large Storage Tanks

Fabricating spherical storage tanks are more expensive than building the other common storage tank designs but is more affordable when constructing large storage tanks.

Forged Components Manufactures ASME Pressure Vessel Connections for Spherical Storage Tanks

FCI manufactures ASME pressure vessel connections for various ASME code pressure vessels, including spherical storage tanks (aka “Spheres”) used in downstream applications. For more information, call us at (281) 441-4088 or contact us online to get a quote from our sales staff.

Controlling Permeability and Moisture Absorption.

The temperature difference between the object and the ambient outside environment is what leads to surface condensation.  This, in combination with moisture ingress through other means from the outside, can have severe adverse effects on the efficiency and safety of your sphere.

Spherical Storage Tanks

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Controlling heat gain.

By preventing heat transmission, you will be able to store your content as efficiently as possible by keeping energy requirements and operating costs low.

Sphere and piping system at petrochemical plant

Risk of Chemical absorption.

It is also possible that insulation materials may soak up the content of the sphere in case of leakages or spillages.  Spheres often contain flammable liquids that have low flash points and pose great fire and explosion hazards.  The use of open cell or fibrous insulation systems can have severe adverse safety on your sphere, resulting in absorption of flammable liquids, and the danger of wicking which could lead to auto-ignited fires.

For all of these reasons, it is recommended to use a closed-cell Inter-modal containers Ltd. insulation system for the insulation of your spheres.

The impermeability will make sure that no moisture can penetrate the system or flammable liquids are soaked up by the material creating fire hazards. In addition, a fully bonded Inter-modal containers Ltd. insulation system will accommodate the expected dimensional changes the system is sure to undergo.

Storage sphere with Foamglas insulation

With a Inter-modal containers Ltd. insulation system, you have an incombustible system that will provide long-lasting thermal efficiency and overall safety for your facility and personnel.

During the warranty period, Inter-modal containers Ltd. will repair, using new or refurbished replacement parts, or replace units or parts of a container at no charge. The container must prove defective because of improper material or workmanship, under normal use and maintenance..

Industrial application of spherical storage tanks.
An example of spherical storage tanks

Cylindrical Reservoir Tanks – This Cylinder is commonly used in processing because it’s less expensive than spheres to make. Nevertheless, because of the distortion on each point, cylinders are not as robust as spheres.  The vulnerability is minimized by hemispheric or rounded finishes. The space stress may be close to that of a globe when the whole storage tank is made of a thicker metal fabricator, content than a typical spherical fabricated vessel with equivalent capacities.

Fixed Roof Reservoir Tanks – The lowest cost to build fixed roof storage tanks are generally They are usually considered to be the least acceptable fluid storage machinery. A traditional stationary tower tank is a cylindrical austenitic stainless steel shell with a tent-shaped or cornered roof which is attached to a tank shell permanently. Tanks for storage are usually completely welded for fluid and water vapor applications.

Onset roof reservoirs, a breather mechanism is also often mounted It helps the tank to work under a gentle vacuum or pressure. In case of very low barometric pressure, temperature, or water stage, the valve avoids vapor release.

Floating Roof Tanks – Floating roof reservoirs are primarily used in indoor pressurizing markets. Floating roof storage tanks are made to transport vertically within the tank frame, creating a low constant gap between the ceiling and the item surface and ensuring a periodic sealing between the tank periphery and floating ceiling. We may be created from an organic form or a sort of that.

To order to avoid leakage of steam to retain liquid water, containers, a static roof, or an inner float are also used. A classic external floating roof tank comprises a cylindrical shell with a roof that swims onto the surface of fluid stored up and down to the fluid rate. Floating exterior roof tanks have a rim seal that is fixed to the edge of the roof and attaches to the tank base. When the roof is lifted and reduced, the rim seal device falls against its tank base.


for Below Ambient Spheres

  • A single or double-layer system of prefabricated curved insulation segments (SHS) is generally sufficient for this temperature range.
  • The insulation system shall be fully bonded to the substrate with PC® adhesive appropriate for the application conditions.
  • The joints in the insulation system shall be sealed with a PC® adhesive/sealant appropriate for the application conditions.
  • Coating or cladding appropriate for the environmental conditions shall be installed to protect the insulation system from weather and mechanical damage.

In my role as sales and design expert for RedGuard, I visit many gas/oil and chemical facilities that have a seemingly infinite amount of varying shapes and sizes of structures in their production and storage areas.  Recently, while visiting a client in Philadelphia, I noticed numerous round, elevated tanks and became curious.

I took some time to learn about this type of storage tank and am now happy to share a quick lesson with those in my network who might also recall seeing these while driving by or from a plane.

Spherical storage tanks are preferred for storage of high-pressure fluids.

A spherical tank is considered stronger than its counterparts such as the common fixed roof tank, open top tank, and floating roof tank.  The even distribution of stresses on the sphere’s surfaces, both internally and externally, generally means that there are no weak points.   One engineer states “pressure inside a true spherical tank is identical on every axis”.

Common storage tanks are comprised of numerous components or pieces of metal that are welded or bolted together, in the field or in the shop.  Welds and seams are generally accepted as weak points in high-pressure scenarios.  A spherical tank is built with fewer pieces of material and has fewer welded connection points, which contributes to its strength. 

The inner pressure of a tank is strongly related to the temperature of the liquid in the tank, and this can be greatly affected by the outside ambient temperature, amongst other factors.  A fair elementary comparison is the expansion and contraction of water inside a closed container when frozen or heated.   The spherical shape creates great strength in resisting these pressures -AND- offers the least amount of exterior surface, which reduces the transfer of warmer ambient temperatures on the overall volume.  

Spherical storage tanks are more expensive to fabricate than the other common types and become more economically feasible as the tank design gets larger.

The main characteristic of these LNG tanks is their ability to store LNG at extremely low temperatures, which is vital because when contained, the pressure and temperature will continuously rise within a tank storing LNG. These tanks regulate the pressure by letting the boil-off gas escape which keeps the temperature stable. The spherical shape of these tanks allows for uniform stress distribution and has the smallest physical footprint for pressurized storage.

This fantastic oil & gas industry training aid supports operations and maintenance training programs relating to the oil & gas, and refining industries. This to-scale, LNG storage training aid features replicas of relief valves, water spray safety systems, process connections, and support structure and foundation detail. The primary outer shell and insulation is cut away, allowing for internal features, insulation and insulation supports to be seen.

Materials of Construction

Steel storage tanks with many various products may be made. You form your tank to choose depends on how you use the tank, what content you expect to store, and the situations under which you place it.

Stainless Steel – This is a growing and fair choice for reservoirs. Softened storage tanks of duplex stainless mild steel are also highly durable. The immunity to oxidation, rot, UV light, and flames is given by inox metal, ensuring the tanks will last much more than the selling alloys of steel or cement.

To sum up, it increases corrosion resistance. Another leak-free storage solution is machined stainless steel storage tanks, which means you may trust that what you garner in it is inside. In a stainless steel tank, a specific lining can be inserted to enable a range of applications ranging from food and water resources processing to chemicals and crude oil products.

The lifespan of indoor steel is also high, rendering it very cheap. Ownership costs are lower than storage tanks of cement or bolted metal. The repair of Stainless Steel tanks would take a lot longer to finish. However, the eco-friendly processing of Stainless steel tanks is available. Inoxia steel is fully recycled once the tank is removed and over half of today’s new stainless steel is made of precious materials.

Another term for stainless steel is about precipitation hardening stainless steel alloys. Precipitation hardening stainless steels are chromium and nickel-containing steels that provide an optimum combination of the properties of martensitic and austenitic grades. Like martensitic grades, they are known for their ability to gain high strength through heat treatment and they also have the corrosion resistance of austenitic stainless steels.

Carbon Steel – The carbon steel content is greater than that of stainless steel. Storage tanks produced with this content have better heat transfer because of the higher carbon volumes. This is helpful to customers who are trying to steam their tank materials. High carbon steel grades are resistant to wear, which is both important for the industrial tank and mixable.  The higher amount of coal makes it more difficult and heavier than other steel.  Carbon steel tanks tend to become more cost-efficient.

A tank made with carbon steel will require fewer materials than stainless steel tank, while the materials are less expensive than those used for exotic metal tanks. Carbon steel is usually preferred in situations where the tank will be stored indoors or undercover. Since carbon steel is more prone to rusting, it is best to place these tanks indoors.

The components used for the carbohydrates tank are less costly than for the exotic steel tanks when made from medium carbon steel than steel tanks. In cases where the tank is stored indoors or undercover, carbon steel is generally preferred because low carbon steel can not be used in the areas because of these features: carbon steel is more likely to rust, and such tanks should be put indoors.

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