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About Us

About Inter-Modal Shipping Containers

Inter-modal Containers transforms an essential service into the customer experience with on-demand storage unit delivery services for customers. 

Inter-modal Containers is a leading supplier of DNV, Propane Tanks, ISO certified storage and shipping containers for on and offshore projects. With offices in London, Abu Dhabi, a local representative in Saudi Arabia and Holland and depots across the globe we pride ourselves on providing a seamless and fast service with the flexibility to meet any client requirement.

We support the renewable energy, oil and gas and offshore catering industries with our wide range of Propane Tanks, ISO certified storage and shipping containers.  As the world’s largest supplier, we have built a reputation for having the right stock, in the right place at the right time.

What are shipping containers made of ?

Inter-modal Shipping containers are made from corrugated weathering steel to be strong and weather resistant. They are easily transported, by ship, rail, road or helicopter. They can withstand everything mother nature can throw at them, including earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes. Standing alone, they can withstand winds of 110mph or more. With anchoring, they can easily withstand winds of 175mph or more.

Types of shipping containers

Shipping containers are available in many different sizes and types. The most common type is a dry freight container that has a set of cargo doors on one end. These dry storage containers, or “dry vans” represent the majority, with millions in circulation around the globe. The most common of these are the 20′ and 40′ containers. Rounding out the rest are insulated, refrigerated, tanktainers (for liquids) and modified containers.

Generally speaking, containers were originally 8-foot (2.44 m) wide by 8-foot (2.44 m) high, and either a nominal 20-foot (6.1 m) or 40-foot (12.19 m) long. At each of the eight corners are corner-castings with twist-lock openings fasteners. These corner castings are useful for lifting by crane or to lock them together when stacking on a ship, up to eight units high. The standard height now is now 8 ft 6 in (2.59 m). Taller units have been introduced, including “hi-cube” or “high-cube” units at 9 feet 6 inches (2.90 m). 45 foot high-cube units are also available in select markets world wide, but these are less common. The United States and Canada also use longer units at 48 ft (14.63 m) and 53 ft (16.15 m) but overall, these are quite rare and expensive.

Along with size and spec, each container is graded and this grade is also an important factor to consider when purchasing your shipping container. But before anything else, you should know exactly what you want to use your container for.

Uses for shipping containers

Four most important uses of storage containers include;

Workspace and storage container

Construction companies that need easy access to their store and climate-controlled workspace should invest in 40ft jumbo storage containers. Companies often equip such large containers to include both work and storage space in a single unit to optimally utilize the space. Depending on the need for both areas, you can divide the storage unit into two parts where one side can hold the standard office, and the other can support the storage requirements for easy convenience.

Mobile office construction container

Most construction sites lack a climate-controlled workspace to manage their daily operations. However, depending on the size and requirements, storage containers serve as a great help as you can easily turn them into a conference room, project manager’s office, or a gathering area for workers to discuss the review plans. Therefore, storage containers ease out the management as it helps in better monitoring of the construction site.

Worksite storage container for materials

Most worksites require a safe space to store construction materials, including the doors, windows, or breakable, weather-sensitive items. Installing a roll-up door is an easy modification that eases the access of oversized pallets in no time. You can also add climate control systems to the storage units to ensure the safety of the temperature-sensitive items against any inclement weather conditions.

Container for tools and equipment storage

Storage containers are a complete solution for storing tools, equipment, materials, and work supplies for companies concerned about theft or harsh weather conditions. Workers can easily access the storage units when required on the job. Additionally, such containers can be equipped with electricity, personnel doors, shelvings, and other fixtures, if needed..

100% American owned and operated

Inter-modal Containers is a 100% American owned and operated shipping container company. We have been in the business of sales, rental and modification of storage containers & Propane Tanks since 1992. The company has expanded significantly from a single acre shipping container depot in Montreal over 25 years ago to one of the largest suppliers of mobile storage solutions in America today.

Fast delivery available

Getting a container delivered is easy. We keep plenty of stock and with an extensive network of transport operators can offer same or next day delivery service

Inter-modal Shipping Containers operations now span from coast to coast with local shipping container depots in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal and Quebec City. We have grown to be the largest supplier of used and new containers in America & Canada.

We are shipping container specialists who understand that the greatest asset to our company is our customers.



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Volume purchasing for multiple yards translates to lower pricing for our customers

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We are able to translate our wholesale pricing to our customers for the most competitive price on the market

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Availability of almost every shipping container configuration available on the market nationwide

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We have successfully built thousands of custom shipping containers. Our experience translates to superior quality projects

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We deliver each and every container with our customer satisfaction in mind which translates to an easy and smooth transaction with our team


Our Vision

To be the first choice for customers for containerized equipment, worldwide.

Our Mission

To serve our clients globally, supporting them to achieve their goals and objectives. Providing operational support 24/7/365 and rapidly responding to client requirements utilising our global networks and effective partnerships with depots and service providers.

Our Values

Creating ethical business partnerships with companies that hold a vision for the future.

Whether you are a private individual needing a single storage container,  Propane Gas Cylinder, or a multinational requiring multiple units for a range of uses, we are committed to operating to the highest professional standards, with national and international accreditations, systems, and policies in place to help our people, customers, and suppliers. As the size of our projects continues to grow, we are happy to submit Pre-Qualification Questionnaires (PQQ) for customers, where required.

Inter-modal Containers supplies ISO certified storage and shipping containers for sale and can offer bespoke container conversions and specialised equipment.

We support projects in mining, stability and aid, community development, large scale sporting events and general logistics for B2B. 

You can find more detailed information about our vision, policies, and commitment to our stakeholders below.

Quality Management – Business Management System (BMS)

We are incredibly proud of our Business Management System (BMS) which covers quality, environmental, health, and safety processes, designed to meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 (Quality) ISO 14001:2015 (Environment), and ISO 45001:2018 (Health and Safety) or any other standard in line with Annex SL Structure.


We Pride ourselves on our excellent quality, attention to detail and 1st Class customer service. We have our own dedicated team of Technicians and installation teams. As well as delivering your Equipment to site on time in a professional manner, we offer site surveys to ensure you get the best advice.

 The Inter-modal shipping containers continues to grow. We now have 2 depots covering the whole of Scotland. We provide Containers, Cabins and Welfare Units, Boom and Scissor Lifts, Tower Lighting and Industrial Racking, Propane Tanks. 


Boom Lifts from Ord Group Plant Hire

Boom Lifts

Needing high-level access for indoor or outdoor maintenance and construction work? Then you’ve come to the right place. Not only do we offer a wide range of electric, diesel and bi-fuel lifts, we also provide training when required.

Telehandlers from Ord Group


We are pleased to announce the availability of Inter-modal Containers range of Telehandlers. From small profile to large loads our range of industry leading JCB Telehandlers will fit any job perfectly. Delivery almost anywhere in the Highlands.

Welfare Units and Cabins

Welfare Units

Government Legislation states that companies must supply suitable site accommodation for their staff. Inter-modal Containers can supply you with a variety of welfare units to suit your varied demands from rough terrain to city streets.

containers new or used from Ord Group


Securing valuable equipment or perishable goods on site can be troublesome but with our condensation-free steel containers the answer is here!  These steel containers offer maximum security at a competitive price.

scissor lifts from Ord Group Plant Hire

Scissor Lifts

If you are looking for high-level access for both outdoor and indoor work Inter-modal shipping Containers has exactly what you are looking for. We offer a wide range of lifts featuring height safety solutions to fit all your requirements.

material lifts

Mast Lifts

 Low-cost, high quality material lifts from top manufacturer Genie, will enhance worksite productivity with highly portable solutions for a wide variety of indoor & outdoor uses. From 3m – 11m work-height & up to 363kg loads.

Boxabl house Supplier

Whether you are a private individual needing a single storage container or a multinational requiring multiple units for a range of uses, we are committed to operating to the highest professional standards, with national and international accreditations, systems and policies in place to help our customers . 

Each and every team member at Inter-modal Shipping containers recognizes that we wouldn’t be where we are today without our customers. Whether to rent, buy or modify containers, we strive to achieve customer satisfaction with every transaction.

Our reputation depends on it.

Our Story

We are proud

Established in 2002 by Mark Black, Inter-modal Shipping containers has built an excellent reputation for delivering affordable and reliable portable accommodation and storage. This has resulted in significant and sustained company growth and the development of an enthusiastic and motivated team of more than 100+ experienced and qualified people, headed up by Managing Director Mark Dolman.

Selling throughout the US & UK, hiring across the America and south of England, and delivering containers and container conversions all over the world, we have the products and knowledge to solve your portable storage and accommodation requirements. Using our own fleet of 50 purpose-built delivery vehicles, operated by trained in-house drivers, our high-quality products are matched by outstanding customer service, from the initial order through to delivery and installation.

Whether you are a private individual needing a single storage container or a multinational requiring multiple units for a range of uses, we are committed to operating to the highest professional standards, with national and international accreditations, systems, and policies in place to help our people, customers, and suppliers. As the size of our projects continues to grow, we are happy to submit Pre-Qualification Questionnaires (PQQ) for customers, where required.

You can find more detailed information about our vision, policies, and commitment to our stakeholders below.


Inter-modal shipping Containers is committed to promoting and maintaining the highest level of ethical standards in relation to all its business activities. The Company, therefore, has a zero-tolerance policy toward bribery and corruption and is committed to acting fairly and with integrity in all of its business dealings and relationships, including implementing and enforcing effective systems to counter bribery.

The Bribery Act 2010 on which this policy is based, criminalizes the giving and receiving of bribes (however small) in order to influence improper conduct and, should the Company be found liable for allowing acts of bribery, we would face an unlimited fine.

Bribery of any kind is strictly prohibited.


We will challenge the need for the consumption of goods and services and promote recycling and reusing materials wherever possible. The costs/benefits of environmentally-preferable goods and services as alternatives will be considered, where possible taking the total cost ownership (including environmental factors) into account in the procurement decision. This may incorporate gathering environmental management data on goods and services including CO2 emissions.

Inter-modal shipping Containers will determine the environmental and corporate risks to the business in developing a sustainable supply chain whilst being committed to working with our supplier base. This may include identifying commodities and suppliers which share Inter-modal shipping Containers sustainable procurement program and working with suppliers to reduce the environmental impacts of goods and services provided. We are also committed to ensuring that Long Beach’s off-coast procurement policy complies at all times with its legal and regulatory requirements in relation to Health and Safety, Equality, and Diversity.



we will give you the expert advice and service you need. We take care of your storage needs, guiding you through the sales process and ensuring that your delivery is completed efficiently by one of our haulage experts. Typically, our containers are delivered using a Hi-Ab vehicle which also off-loads your container.


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