Buy 40FT Shipping Container Pool Online

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Buy 40FT Shipping Container Pool Online

Buy 40FT Container Pool Online

40FT Shipping Container Swimming Pool with Air Heater
shipping container pool for sale
Our custom made shipping container pools are a low footprint, cost effective backyard pool solution that have the versatility of being fully transportable when you move or relocate. Manufactured to your specifications in our factory in Long Beach CA, we ship our container pools WORLD wide.
Buy 40FT Shipping Container Pool

A solution for any site

The only pool to suit any site, regardless weather you have an extreme sloping property, restricted access, live remotely or just want to have a pool that connects directly to your entertainment area.


Buy 40FT Shipping Container Pool Online with Air Heater

40FT Shipping Container Pool

40ft shipping container swimming pools

Find Your Perfect Swimming Pool

40FT  Container Swimming Pool

Buy 40FT Shipping Container Pool

40FT Shipping Container Pool

Choose from the following

  • 2 Sizes – 6m & 12m length

  • 2.44m wide

  • 1.5m deep

  • Child Safety Ledge

  • Heating Option

  • LED Lighting Option

  • Choice of internal fibreglass colours – choice of 12 vibrant colours

  • Choice of external colour – choose from the full range of Colorbond colours

  • Fully self contained filtration system

  • Integrated child safety door

  • Above ground or below ground options

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40FT Portable Shipping Container Swimming Pool for Sale

hybrid shipping container swimming pool

$25,000 /unit
  •  Model : SCSP-002
  •  40FT or Custom Size
  •  Plastic Wood Platform
  •  Custom Glass Windows
  •  Special Paint For Pool
Buy 40FT Shipping Container Pool

If you’re looking to get a pool, and not looking to shell out $50K+ for one, these semi-mobile all-in-one swimming pools might be your best bet! Made from welded shipping containers, the unique 40ft shipping container pools are made to be much more easily transported and installed compared to a standard in-ground or above-ground swimming pool.

40 ft shipping container pool for sale

The pool comes shipped to you in fully working condition so that you can start using your pool as soon as you get it, fill it up with water, and plug it in. The 40ft shipping container pools also have built-in stairs to access to easily get in and out of the water, along with a child safety door that will prevent children from wandering up the stairs and into the pool.

Buy 40FT Shipping Container Pool

The pump and filtration system for the pool lives inside the shipping container right below the stairs so that everything you’ll need for the pool is all self-contained.

Multiple filtration systems are available for the 40ft shipping container pools. Other options for the pools include swim jets, a water heater, a variety of different interior finish colors, and any color of your choice for the exterior of the pool.

Design Flexibility
Shipping container pool can be shaped to meet the needs of almost any environment or facility specifications
Quick Install

The quick and easy installation is one of the main advantages of the container pool. As it sits above ground, it does not need to be built into the ground of your backyard, so there is none of the long preparation and building work that goes with having an in-ground pool built. This means it causes very little disruption to your lifestyle.

Buy 40FT Shipping Container Pool

Use Immediately
As most shipping container pools come as complete kits with everything you need to get started, including pool lighting and a filtration system, this means they can be used practically straight away as soon as they have been installed and connected to an electricity supply. This enables you to start enjoying your pool almost instantly, instead of having to wait for it to be built.
Easy To Transport
Another major bonus of the container pool is that it can easily be transported by road on a truck. This means it can be taken with you if you decide to move home, making it an extremely convenient option for a wide variety of homeowners. Alternatively, you can include the pool as part of the deal if you sell your home, or choose to sell it separately.
Reasonable Price
Most importantly, shipping container pools are highly attractive because of their affordable price.While it is possible to buy a container pool for as little as $6,000, this is unlikely to be of particularly high quality. The safest and most durable container pools are those with fibre glass inserts, so it is worth paying the extra for the higher build quality.

Best Prices

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It’s Up To You

Customize your home.

40FT Shipping Container Pool Specifications





Channel steel and square tube steel structure, Galvanized Corrugated Steel


Lope steel plate floor, Wood plastic composite flooring for pool platform


Brush 2 times of medium gray epoxy zinc-rich primer, Acrylic topcoat


Special paint for pool, Mosaic film

Water Deep

1.0m, 1.5m, 1.7m


Safety door, Laminated glass, Filtration system, Drainage system, Leakage protection system, Pool lighting system, Stainless steel pool ladder, Plastic wood platform

Acrylic glass


Buy 40FT Shipping Container Pool Online

Buy 40FT Shipping Container hybrid swimming pool

shipping container pool2

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