Buy 2500L DNV Offshore Tanks Online

Buy 2500L DNV Offshore Tanks Online

2500L DNV Offshore Tanks For Sale

DNV 2.7-1 certified offshore transportation of liquids and chemicals.

Buy 2500L DNV Offshore Tank

DNV and ISO Tank Containers

Tank Containers are a robust transportation system for chemicals and liquids. Our offshore tanks are certified to the DNV 2.7-1 standard, which is the leading international certification for offshore use. We supply tank containers ranging from 2.500L through to 24,000L.



Buy 2500L DNV Offshore Tanks Online

2500L DNV Offshore Tank

Cargostore’s Offshore Tank Containers offer secure storage and transportation of liquids and chemicals. Our Tanks are certified to DNV 2.7-1 standard, are suitable for offshore use, and come in a range of designs and capacities

Key Features

  • DNV 2.7-1 certified and CSC plated
  • Robust, reliable, and proven design
  • Fitted with lifting sling and shackles to DNV 2.7-1
  • Units can be stacked with their slings still attached
  • A wide range of tank sizes is available
  • Worldwide availability

2500L DNV Offshore Tank Container Dimensions

All specifications are indicative. Individual containers’ dimensions may differ.

Slings –  Units supplied with DNV-certified slings
External Nominal Dimensions  –  1.795m (L) x 1.795m (W) x 2.364m (H) / 5’ 10” x 5’ 10” x 7.9”
Capacity  – 2,500 (Litres), 550 (Gallons), 660 (US Gallons)
Tare Weight  –  1,400kgs, 3,086lbs
Max Gross Weight (for offshore)   –  6,500kgs, 14,330lbs
Max Payload (for offshore)   –   5,100kgs, 11,243lbs
Shell Material  –  Stainless steel
Design Temperature   |  -40ºc to +50ºc
Forklift Pockets   –  280mm x 112mm, 1155mm centers
Designed, Built, and Certified – T11 UN Portable tank (covering IMDG, ADR/RID, CFR) DNV2.7-1, BS EN12079
Buy 2500L DNV Offshore Tanks Online
Buy 2500L DNV Offshore Tanks Online

D.N.V. Offshore Tanks

Our offshore tank containers are approved to DNV 2.7-1 and are built to the highest standards required to sustain the most adverse conditions in a highly corrosive environment.
fleet of transportable DNV 2.7-1 offshore tanks are available for sale and rental and are suitable for the storage and transportation of a range of products including chemicals, oils, Jet A-1 fuel, acids and temperature controlled gases. Our fleet includes T4, T7, T11 & T14 UN portable tanks approved under IMDG / ADR / RID to suit a variety of products. Capacities range from 1,100 litres to 20,000 litres.

We can also supply Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) for general low hazard chemicals along with IBC carriers and racks. A range of Frac tanks are also available in a variety of sizes throughout specific bases.

What is a tank container?

An intermodal tank container is a safe and secure method of transporting liquids and gases – with easy transfer between road, rail, and sea. These container tanks are built to the ISO standard or the stronger DNV rating.

Tanks comprise a stainless steel vessel with insulation and protective layers, based on their intended cargo.

With options for between 2,500 and 24,000 liters of total capacity, the tank container can be used for food-grade liquid storage and transport as well as the storage of hazardous liquids and other materials. Cargostore offers both DNV Certified and ISO-certified tank options for both offshore and onshore use.

What are tank containers used for?

ISO and DNV tank containers can be used for:

  • food-grade liquid storage and transport
  • perishable cargo such as milk – using tanks modified to include refrigeration capabilities
  • hazardous and non-hazardous gases, liquids, and other materials such as powders.

These stainless steel tanks can be cleaned thoroughly between each use. DNV tank containers are recommended for offshore work.

How much does a tank container cost?

ISO tank containers cost more than the equivalent-sized ISO CCU due to their complexity. Tank containers are manufactured from stainless steel (including the fittings) rather than the weathering steel used for normal CCUs. Furthermore, the build time for tank containers is longer. DNV tanks cost more than ISO tanks because they need to be stronger for offshore work.

How much does an ISO tank hold?

Most (95%) tank containers are 20ft long. They can also be manufactured to 10ft, 30ft, 40ft, or 45ft. Tanks must be filled to a minimum of 80% capacity during transportation. Capacity cannot exceed 95%, to allow for thermal expansion.

Cargostore T11 ISO tank containers are available for 26,000L capacity. DNV tank containers range from 2,500L to 20,000L.

What is an IMO Tank?

An IMO (International Maritime Organization) tank is simply another name for a tank container. There are nine IMO classes for dangerous goods and hazardous cargo.

These classes cover explosives, gases, flammable liquids, flammable solids, oxidizing substances, and toxic, corrosive, radioactive, and other hazardous materials. The nine classes are divided into various sub-classes (ie, infectious substances).

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