Buy 30 kva Three Phase Transformer


Buy 30 kva Three Phase Transformer

Transformer for Refrigerated Shipping Containers

30kva 3-Phase Transformers

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Buy 30 kva Three Phase Transformer

30KVA, 3P, 480V, 240V, Energy Efficient Transformer


30 KVA, 3-Phase, 480 Delta Primary Volts – 240 Delta Secondary Volts with 120 Volt Lighting Tap, NEMA 1, Energy Efficient, Energy Star labeled Transformer, Ventilated, 150 Degree C, Aluminum Windings, 60 Hz operation, Frame Size: FR912B. For Outdoors use Weather Shield WS58. DOE 2016 Efficient.
***Reverse Feed Capable***
Platt Cat: CUTV48M22T3016
Platt Item: 0194670
Cat: V48M22T3016
UPC: 786680175657
Category: Dry Type – 30 KVA
Mounting: Surface
Material: Aluminum Winding
Phase: 3
Volt Amps: 30kVA
Size: FR940
Volts AC Primary: 480 delta
Volts AC Secondary: 120/240 Delta
  • Category: Power Distribution Transformers Dry Type Transformers Dry Type – 30 KVA
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  • Also known as 786680175657, transformer; dry; dry transformer; dry type, CUTV48M22T3016, Eaton, V48M22T3016, Dry Type – 30 KVA, Dry Type Transformers, Transformers, Power Distribution, Cutler-Hammer, Westinghouse
  • Buy 30 kva Three Phase Transformer

A voltage transformer for all your 30 kVA, 3-phase applications.

Some of the most popular 3-phase transformers are 30 kVA 3-phase transformers. Used across a variety of 3-phase power applications, 30 kVA 3-phase transformers are built to withstand the heavy stresses and large electrical loads associated with 3-phase power. 30 kVA 3-phase transformers are used in motor applications, power generation, and other large commercial and industrial applications. While three single phase 10 kVA transformers can be banked together to function as a 3 phase 30 kVA transformer, a single 30 kVA transformer is much more efficient not to mention space-saving, and easier to install.

The various types of 30 kVA 3 phase transformer.

30 kVA is simply a voltage designation, so 30 kVA 3-phase transformers are available in many types. Step-down transformers, step-up transformers, and dry-type transformers can all be classified as 30 kVA transformers, just to name a few. 30 kVA 3-phase transformers can deliver a 30 kVA output at the rated secondary voltage and rated frequency without exceeding a designated temperature.

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When you need a 3-phase 30 kVA transformer, you need Bay Power.

Safely converting power from one voltage to another is a matter of safety, efficiency, and reliability. Luckily getting the right 3-phase 30 kVA transformer is a breeze with Bay Power. We are proud to carry a vast selection of reconditioned and new transformers from industry-leading transformer manufacturers. Our inventory consists of an extensive lineup of products, so you can take your pick from Federal Pacific transformers, MGM transformers, ABB transformers, and more.



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