Buy Transformer 230v-460v Online


Buy Transformer 230v-460v Online

Transformer for Refrigerated Shipping Containers

New Transformer 230V for Refrigerated Containers

The modular transformer for shipping containers is the easiest way to add dual-voltage capability  –  step up from 230V to 460V instantly.

Transformer 230v to 460v For Sale


Buy Transformer 230v-460v Online

Transformer 230v


Each modular transformer includes an 8/4 SO cable with black 60˚ C (140˚ F) rated rubber insulation. The dual-voltage transformer is mounted to a plate/bracket, with an optional circuit breaker and high-voltage receptacle attached. The standard receptacle conforms to the CEE-17 design.

Other receptacles may be furnished by special order.

Weight: 63.5 kg (140 lb) Field-Installed kit (with CB2) P/N 76-00670-00 Field-Installed kit (without CB2) P/N 76-00670-02

Buy Transformer 230v-460v Online


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