Buy 45 kva Three Phase Transformer 480V Delta Primary – 208Y/120V Secondary


Buy 45 kva Three Phase Transformer 480V Online

45 kVa Transformer – 480V Three Phase – 480V Delta Primary – 208Y/120V Secondary – NEMA 4X

  • Phase – Electrical: 3
  • Input Voltage – Transformer: 480V AC Delta
  • Output Voltage – Transformer: 120V AC, 208V AC Wye
  • 45KVA Transformer – 480V Three Phase – 480V Delta Primary – 208Y/120V Secondary.
  • Temp Rise: 150 C Hertz: 60Hz
  • Enclosure: Steel NEMA 4X Enclosure
  • Windings: Aluminum Height: 28.8
  • Taps: (2) 2.5% FCAN (4) 2.5% FCBN Approvals: UL CUL

Buy 45 kva 3 Phase Transformer Online


Buy 45 kva Three Phase Transformer 480v

Three Phase Transformer, 45kVA, 480V

45 kva Three Phase Transformer 480V Delta Primary – 208Y/120V Secondary

Three Phase Transformer, Input Voltage – Transformer 480V AC Delta, Output Voltage – Transformer 120V AC, 208V AC Wye, VA Rating – Transformer 45 kVA, Mounting – Transformer Floor, Outdoor Rated – Transformer Yes, Voltage Function – Transformer Step Down, Winding Material – Transformer Aluminum, Hz – Electrical 60 Hz, Temp. Rise 80 Degrees C, Enclosure Rating NEMA 3R

Acme Electric #T3045K0013BSB Specifications

  • Phase – Electrical: 3
  • Input Voltage – Transformer: 480V AC Delta
  • Output Voltage – Transformer: 120V AC, 208V AC Wye
  • Item – Transformer: Three-Phase Transformer
  • VA Rating – Transformer: 45 kVA
  • Mounting – Transformer: Floor
  • Outdoor Rated – Transformer: Yes
  • Temp. Rise: 80 Degrees C
  • Winding Material – Transformer: Aluminum
  • Hz – Electrical: 60 Hz
  • Input Voltage: 480VAC
  • Mounting: Floor
  • Includes: Weathershield
  • Voltage Function – Transformer: Step Down
  • Color: ASA 61 Gray
  • Enclosure Type: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Mounting – Transformer: Floor
  • Depth: 22.37 in
  • VA Rating: 45kVA
  • Enclosure Rating: NEMA 3R
  • Height: 29.41 in
  • Width: 28.15 in
  • Enclosure Material: Steel
  • Output Voltage: 208VAC Wye/120VAC
  • Item: Three-Phase Transformer
  • Standards: C22.2 No. 47, File E12547, LR7357-32, UL 1561
  • Hz: 60
  • Knockout Size – Transformer: No Knockout
480V Delta Primary – 208Y/120V Secondary 480V Delta Primary – 208Y/120V Secondary

Three Phase Transformer Input 480VAC Delta

These Three Phase transformers offer consistent, smooth voltage transformation at 480VAC input. Transformers 15kVA and higher that meet DOE 2016 legislation will help lower operating costs, lower cost of ownership, increase profitability, and reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions. In addition to energy-efficient transformers and general application three-phase transformers, you can choose from the following additional types of transformers: •
Drive Isolation Transformers, which decrease line current waveform distortion, improving the power factor of the motor drive load. These transformers also reduce voltage distortion, which helps to prevent motor drives from affecting sensitive loads elsewhere on the service • Harmonic Mitigating Transformers reduce supply voltage flat topping and improve the overall power factor of the supply system • Harsh Environment Transformers are designed specifically for outside control panel installation

Three Phase Energy Efficient Transformer

Three Phase Harmonic Mitigating Transformer

Three Phase Transformer


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