Buy 40ft High Cube Open Top Containers For Sale


Buy 40ft High Cube Open Top Containers For Sale

 40ft High Cube Open Top Container

Open Top Shipping Container

40-Foot Open Top Shipping Container for Sale

40ft x 9ft Standard Shipping Container – Open-Top

40′ High  Cube Open Top Container

The 40′ Open Top Container has a removable tarpaulin cover, enabling the transport of oversized loads. The Open Top Container is also an excellent alternative for cargo that cannot be loaded from the double doors of a standard container. The containers have a swiveling or detachable door bar. Very popular container for project loading.

40ft Open Top ISO Container

Our largest sized Open Top container for shipping or storing larger cargo that cannot be loaded via the end door.

ISO certified and CSC plated for shipping.

Available in: 20ft and 40ft sizes.

Hire, purchase or request modifications.

We deliver worldwide.

Our ISO Open Top containers are available in standard or Hard Top options.

Are you looking to purchase 40ft High Cube Open Top shipping containers and you want them to be delivered to a specific location? No problem! Through our vast network of international transportation companies, we can let your container (or multiple containers) be delivered to any location in the world.

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Buy 40ft High Cube Open Top Containers Online

40ft High Cube Open Top Shipping Container

40ft Open Top container


  • Both top loading and door loading capabilities
  • TIR-approved PVC tarpaulins or tilts with removable rear header
  • Attachable sealing and bow devices
  • Hardwood or plywood floors
  • Heavy duty lashing rings in the floor or bottom side rail

Today is very popular not only the sale of containers, but such a service, as the purchase of 40ft hc open top containers. Taking advantage of the container once or for a certain time, many are wondering about how to deal with it in the future. Modern companies offer you to redeem your container for a reasonable price.

The final cost is determined on the basis of the current state of the packaging and the length of previous use. As a result, all are satisfied: the owners – because they can gain money for waste container, consumers – as they can buy a used / y container 40ft hc open top containers containers at a discounted price.


Length: 12,192m
Width: 2,438m
Height: 2,896m


Width: 2,340m
Height: 2,273/2,585m


Max gross: 30,480kg
Tare: 4,260kg
Max payload: 26,220kg


Capacity: 75,1m^3


Quality worth trust

Quality is essential for us both in terms of products and of services. Paying attention to the smallest details in everything we do brings us non-stop improvement. Our company is trusted all over the world – from Europe countries to United Arab Emirates or South Africa. Join our list of satisfied clients today!

Partnership based solutions

Each load is unique. As each customer has its own needs and requirements. We combine these two elements, find critical points and propose the most suitable solutions. Long-term relationship allows to create effective model of business cooperation.

The 40ft Open Top container is meant for cargo that can be loaded with a crane from the upper side. The 40ft Open Top Shipping container can be used for special and heavy goods. The new and used Open Top container has been made out of corten steel and provided with a wooden floor, galvanized locking equipment, a removable header, and a tarpaulin roof.

Trident Container has a large amount of Open Top containers for sale. We also lease and rent these containers. Please contact our sales team for more information on these special containers.

40′ Open Top Containers are containers built for freight use, with a tarpaulin instead of a steel roof. The cover can be removed during loading, to enable top loading of overly high products. The Open Top Container has removable support bars under the tarpaulin and a TIR cable for fastening the tarpaulin to the container. All our Open Top Containers are approved for international freight transport (CSC). New and used 20′ Open Top Containers are available with fast delivery.

This 40ft x 8ft used open top container is available for sale and delivery

Open-top containers do not have the conventional steel corrugated container roof. Instead, they have removable bows and a weatherproof tarpaulin that can be secured with ropes. This significantly simplifies the loading and unloading process which is usually done by crane from above. The door header (above the door) can also be swung round / removed to allow easy access for the cargo.

40ft Open Top Shipping Container

Designed for the carriage of over-height, lightweight, and bulky cargo, combining flexibility and safety for top and rear loading.

Open Top containers. Via our wide network of depot facilities in all the main ports of Europe and strategic locations in Asia and the South Pacific, we make sure that customers can pick up and return containers with maximum flexibility and in a timely manner.


  • Heavy duty floor with a truckload of floor strength test of 7,200 kgs
  • Low tare weight to maximum payload
  • Corten Steel construction
  • Heavy duty tarpaulin (600g-650g/m2) offers extra protection
  • Removable header rail at the door opening
  • High-strength top rails with removable roof bows
  • Fully intermodal (by rail, road, or by sea)
  • ISO, TIR, UIC, CSC, and ABS approved

Actual measurements and specifications may vary and are subject to confirmation.

40ft Open Top



12,192 mm
2,438 mm
2,591 mm
12,032 mm
2,352 mm
2,348 mm
Door Opening
2,340 mm
Door Opening
2,280 mm
66.4 m3

40ft Open Top Container

The 40ft Open Top Container transports the largest cargo in the industry, with huge floor space and unlimited height, this container takes it to the limit.

  • 12 meters in length
  • 2.4 meters wide
  • unlimited height when open
  • supplied with either a tarpaulin or a removable hard top roof (on order/request)


Maximum Gross
32,500 kgs
3,650 kgs
28,850 kgs
390 x 293 Open Tops and Lifting

Open-top containers are ideal for the movement of machinery. The container must be shipped with bows and tarpaulin which also provide some strength. If the machinery is over height then usually you will need to use a flat rack container that has no roof at all. Lashing rings are provided for securing the load during transport.


  • Removable roof
  • Lashing rings enable cargo to be secured


  • A removable roof allows for craneage of large or heavy items from above

390 x 293 Open Tops Rear

Inter-modal containers Ltd. is one of America’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of shipping containers, delivering them throughout the USA, individuals and to the mining, construction, agricultural and corporate sectors. We offer new, used, modified, and customized shipping containers for sale in a variety of sizes and types, with fast and efficient service direct to your worksite, business, or home. And with multiple depots all over Australia, we can usually have your order to you within a few days.

390 x 293 Open Tops Rear Door

You can order your containers from Inter-modal containers Ltd. at any time of the day or night. This process is entirely digital with an easy check-out process. So easy, you can complete your order in only a few minutes.

newly built container features

Removable Roof
Open top containers feature a removable tarpaulin roof which is supported by roof bows. Cargo is easily loaded through the roof cavity once these have been removed.

Removable Rear Top Rail
For large machinery or bulk items that need to be slid in through the container doors, the rear top rail can be removed for better access.

Weatherproof Tarpaulin
Once the cargo is loaded into the container, the tarpaulin is re-secured and provides watertight protection for your cargo, even in the case of overweight items.

Half Heights
Half-height open-top containers are available – these are used primarily for carrying heavy bulk cargo such as ore or rock.

Inter-modal containers Ltd. offers several shipping options. If you select one of the delivery options, your container will be delivered to your location within the delivery window you’ve selected after the order payment date.

For those that need their containers quicker, select the pick-up option and you can pick up your container the following business day after placing your order. If you choose the pick-up option, you can pick up your container the following business day after placing your order.

390 x 293 Open Top whole

we deliver shipping containers to and partner with customers from major industries, such as commercial, construction, retail, education, and theme parks. We help you arrive at the perfect price for containers.

We rent at a 30-day billing plan at no extra cost, unlike the usual 28-day billing cycle. Mobile Modular Portable Storage delivers the shipping containers in excellent condition and delivered on the scheduled day with our own fleet of trucks and trailers. This means you can expect delivery according to your timeline.

We serve multiple locations across the US. Speak to our dedicated support team for custom options and a free quote.

The 12.2m (40ft) long 67m3 open top is one of the more common types of ‘special’ container used in the shipping industry.

It is used primarily for the shipment of over-height or large bulk item cargo (such as machinery) that is unable to be loaded through normal container doors. Another common use is for the transport of bulk granular cargo such as grains, wood chips, and rock/ore.

Cargo is normally loaded through the roof once the tarpaulin and roof bows have been removed, or alternatively swung in through the doors once the rear top rail is removed.

Although we like digital efficiency, we will always stay human. This means you can easily call, e-mail or chat with us through our U.S.-located customer service department. Inter-modal containers Ltd. delivers shipping containers quickly and at the fairest price online – exactly what you need. And our fully digital operation is far more sustainable than other businesses.

Shipping container conditions.
NEW “One Trip” containers are shipped from Asia with a single container cargo load. These containers are referred to as “new” or in “like new” condition. One-trip containers are ideal if appearance and longevity are top priorities.

USED cargo-worthy containers are certified for global transport based on the condition of the doors, floor, walls, and ceiling. Dents, rust, and corroded paint may be present. The unit is leakproof.

Using Your Container For Export? You’ll Need a CSC Survey.

For customers who plan to export their container, please make sure to purchase a CWO (cargo worthy) or One Trip container as well as a CSC Survey. Please note that we cannot move loaded containers, and strongly recommend customers that who are exporting their containers work with their shipping company to pick up the container after the survey is complete.

Inter-modal containers Ltd. warranty.
Each storage container is durable, secure, and weatherproof. The Warranty Coverage Period for New ISO shipping containers is ten years from the date of purchase from Inter-modal containers Ltd.. The Warranty Coverage Period for Used Cargo Worthy ISO shipping containers is five years from the date of purchase from Inter-modal containers Ltd.. A leak-proof unit guarantee is included.

During the warranty period, Inter-modal containers Ltd. will repair, using new or refurbished replacement parts, or replace units or parts of a container at no charge. The container must prove defective because of improper material or workmanship, under normal use and maintenance.

Inter-modal containers Ltd. Delivery services
Inter-modal containers Ltd. transforms an essential service into the customer experience with on-demand storage unit delivery services for customers. We need to know things like door direction, site contact, and that you have enough space for the truck to deliver the container safely.

Customers have scheduled deliveries to ensure consistency. At Inter-modal containers Ltd., we have a dedicated team that helps our customers to plan better and operate smarter. Emergency transportation services are available. Reduce your overall logistics costs and request our 3 – 7-day truck and trailer delivery move.

We believe in providing up-front and transparent pricing to our customers.

Shipping Containers For Sale

Buy 40ft Open Top Shipping Containers

from a range of 40ft Open top shipping containers.

These are specially designed container which does not have a standard steel roof, they have removable steel roof bows which support a removable tarp.

The top rails above the doors are also designed to unlock on one side,  so the header bar will swing open allowing easier access for over-height loading and unloading.

These are perfect storage solutions for products that are over-height or will not fit in a conventional shipping container.

How to Buy a Shipping Container:

Pick-up: 2-3 Business Days
Delivery: 4-7 Business Days

After you order, we’ll be in touch within one business day to confirm your order and coordinate the logistics. To ensure everyone’s safety, only customers with the proper equipment should select intermodal depot pick-up (please allow 2-3 business days for release information). Delivery is optional and calculated at checkout by zip code.  Contact us with any questions, we’re always happy to help.

Selecting the right container & buying containers online

Browse the website for new and used containers that meet your requirements. If you are unsure please contact our container sales team for advice and information.  buy your container online. Select your container and accessories and follow the simple checkout process.

The Trucks are Big, and We Need Space to Deliver

Our haulers need 80′ of additional space in order to deliver a 40′ shipping container (120′ of total space), plus room for the truck to maneuver. Please make sure you’ve got space for delivery. 20′ shipping containers are delivered on a different size truck, and so we only need an additional 55′ of space (75′ of total space) to deliver 20′ containers.

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